C O M I N G   S O O N


IT’S ALIVE! will be a multi-dimensional
augmented reality app for mobile devices

It will be add a fresh layer of fun and excitement to everyday situations.

The first release will enhance eating and drinking experiences in your neighborhood bars and restaurants — utilizing objects like labels, posters, coasters, logos, taps, and t-shirts.

There will always be fresh material, so every time the app is used, the user will be entertained and surprised. It will put the users into a new, more exciting world as they continue to exist in the real world of everyday objects.

The IT’S ALIVE! app will also carry augmented reality games and adventures. When a user is walking down the street, focusing on a traffic light might expose the secret layer of alternate reality where they can witness Pterodactyls at war with Flying Pigs. Or focusing on a US Postal Mailbox might make it pop open to present a krewe of hip-hop frogs performing their latest rap. Or a Kinko’s might explode as a 50 foot T-Rex rampages out of it, and into the street, scattering copies and FedEx envelopes everywhere. Or focus your device on any stop sign and it might release a giant red bull that would leap out and go lumbering down the sidewalk and into the nearest bar.

The IT’S ALIVE! app brings the mundane to life, and makes life more interesting.

The development team is made up of exceptionally creative people from the entertainment, marketing, game design, and transmedia industries. Their goal is to make every experience a surprising entertainment gem.

Critical to the concept of the app is the built-in opportunities for the viewsers to do more that merely share and comment. The app is designed for them to bring their own creativity to the project. There will be easy paths for anybody to take a shot at doing their thing and see it become Augmented Reality, hosted on the the IT’S ALIVE app.

The IT’S ALIVE! app will make the objects in your muggle world come aliiiiiiive!

For more information, contact johnpatgallagher@aol.com